Anja Jardine


Handwoven textiles and artwork.
Inspired by the land and seascapes around me, by old stories and traditions, by my heritage, I create with loom and natural fibres textiles and artwork that represent my appreciation and love for this place I now call home. Originally from Germany, I have lived on Iona for over 20 years. Island life is shaped by seasons: the quiet of the winter months, with time for reflection; the invigorating summer time, when visitors help to make this into a rather cosmopolitan place. I weave mostly in the winter, with the fire roaring beside me, ideas forming by seeing and touching my stash of yarns, by listening to memories inside of me. Summer means cooking (I am the Abbey Cook), gardening, exploring by hiking, running and sailing. It is a good life.






£15 – £300

Displayed In

Oran Creative Crafts

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