An Tobar Arts Centre & Mull Theatre in Tobermory are the main venues on Mull for producing and presenting performances including live music, theatre, dance, film, comedy and readings. They attract talent from outwith Mull to perform and display their work, as well as fostering the islands’ own home-grown artists. On occasion, performances circulate out to the more remote parts of the islands and can be enjoyed in local community halls.

Mull & Iona are popular locations for film and TV productions, where the landscape is often the star of the show, or, in the case of Balamory, the colourful houses lining the harbour in Tobermory. Mull has its own film production company, Struthach.

Much of the music performed on the islands has strong roots in the past, especially evident in Gaelic music and song. Gaelic culture is celebrated by the Mull Gaelic Choir, Fèis Mhuile, and Mòd Ionadach na Dreòlluinn. Bagpipe music has been heard on Mull and Iona for centuries and the Mull and Iona Pipe Band frequently perform around the islands, with some very talented solo pipers. Music is very much part of community life with traditional ceilidhs often featuring talented local musicians and singers. Local performance spaces are full of charm and character, such as Iona Abbey, Knockvologan Studies, community halls and open air spaces, including the fabulous beaches.

The Isle of Staffa is of course famous for the visit from the composer Felix Mendelssohn and in his honour, the Mendelssohn on Mull Festival takes place annually in venues around the islands. Musicians and singers frequently visit Fingal’s Cave to take advantage of the amazing acoustics
To keep in touch with performance events, click on the events calendar or the performance venues in the Mull and Iona Arts Trail listings. If you are looking for a piper or other musician for your wedding or any other occasion, have a look in the Artists Directory.

Mull Theatre

Mull Theatre is a renowned production and touring company based in Tobermory. Home to Mull Youth Theatre and Tidal Dance.

Mull Theatre

Alasdair C. Whyte

Music on Mull

Every type of music can be heard on Mull and Iona, from traditional to classical and contemporary, in a variety of venues throughout the islands. 

Gaelic Music and Song

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Còisir Ghàidhlig an Eilein Mhuilich | Photo by Graham Hood


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