Aska Marzec

Scottish Island Art

Contemporary Scottish artist inspired by Scottish landscape, Isle of Mull in particular.
My inspiration comes from the stunning beauty of the Scottish landscape and Isle of Mull. It is a joy seeing people happy when looking at my artwork. They have been to the same places and enjoyed the same moment of seeing sunbeams through the clouds. Through my work I want to cherish their memories of these places and bring them happiness. My paintings have bright colours and are filled with a light helping to create a calm and uplifting atmosphere in your home. My beach seascapes with their gently rolling waves lapping on the shore create coastal-inspired art décor for your living room. I have developed mesmerising resin seascapes, creating 3D effects and depth using layers of resin. Recently I have been creating Floral Art Coasters and personalised resin letters inspired by the variety of Isle of Mull wildflowers. I also produce Abstract art inspired by the forms and shapes found in nature. The Island has been my home now for 14 years and its beauty and people never stop to inspire.






£7.50 – £350

Displayed In

The Picture Gallery, The Mull and Iona Shop (online)

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