Julie Thomson

Innovative and illustrative pen and ink artwork with a crisp finish.
Julie Thomson is an artist living on the Isle of Mull. Originally from Glasgow she graduated from the Glasgow School of Art and in 1996 she moved to Mull. The island has been a great inspiration for her work and she is very much influenced by the natural habitat, sea and landscape. Her style is influenced by folklore and fairy tales produced by writers such as Hans Anderson and the Brothers Grim as well as artists such as Kay Neilson and Aubry Beardsley. She has two sons whose imagination and energy provide her with a constant source of inspiration. She sees their world and tries to constantly bridge the gap between the child self and the adult self. Her style is mainly pen and ink with occasional watercolour washes added. Her work is both innovative and illustrative. She always tries to give her work a clear crisp finish hence her preference for black and white ink drawings.

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