Ronnie Leckie

I think of my paintings as much about observation, perception and colour.
Leaving school at 15, Ronnie Leckie took up an apprenticeship as a pictorial artist working for six years under a wonderful mentor and artist. In 1975, after four years at Art School, he came to Mull and set up Carra Print – a business screen printing greeting cards. The cards reached far and wide – Macys New York, Liberty and Harrods of London. He was commissioned by a publisher in Edinburgh to create 30 paintings for print which led to another publisher in Germany commissioning more work. He began traveling back and forward between Mull and Germany every month or so. Ronnie went on to produce a yearly calendar for Europe and The World Wild Life Fund. Over 100 different prints of Ronnie’s paintings were on sale throughout Europe. He once witnessed his prints being moved by a forklift truck. Nowadays Ronnie’s work is available at The Picture Gallery.






£25 to £500

Displayed In

The Picture Gallery, The Mull and Iona Shop

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