Sarah’s Weaving Shed

I am a Hand Weaver based in Tobermory and I design and weave fabric on my Ashford 32” 4-shaft table loom in my shed.
I have always been interested in textiles, being a hobbyist knitter and cross-stitcher all of my life. But in 2016 I took a weaving course and immediately fell in love with the processes involved in designing and creating fabric. My inspiration for the fabric I produce comes from the colours of the yarns I source, from my clients’ requirements and also from the colours of the natural world around me. I prefer simple patterns which let the colour and texture of the yarns I use sing. It is a privilege to weave clan tartans for customers feeling I am part of continuing a historic tradition. Hand weaving as opposed to industrial weaving gives a more artisan finish to the completed fabric and I feel a more integral part of the process.






Fabric retails at £25 per metre, cushions – £35.00, buttons £7 for 4. Other items priced by size

Displayed In

Calgary Arts Gallery, Island Crafts, Tobermory Producers’ Market

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