Teresa Munby

Mainly hand-built porcelain vases, pots, sculptured pieces and tiles in simple white forms or coloured and textured.
Influenced and inspired by sea, sand, natural forming rocks and plant life I make a range of hand-built porcelain and paper clay vases, pots and sculptural pieces. The vases are either plain cylindrical shapes or more recently, conical. Some are simple, white forms with imprinted patterns and textures. Some are ‘marbled’ using coloured slips, creating a stone-like effect each with unique patterns, while others are coloured with inlaid shapes and designs. These are functioning water proof vases designed to be brought into focus when containing flowers or simply displayed as objects to be enjoyed. There are also wall pieces and sculptures similarly textured, patterned, and coloured. I also throw stoneware bowls and pots, some of which are heavily textured whilst others are thrown in porcelain and decorated with brushed coloured slip abstract patterns. Over the last year I have been making tiles in porcelain experimenting with geometric shapes and decorating with sgraffito designs.


07831385592 / 01688 400660

07831385592 / 01688 400660



£18 – £90

Displayed In

Rockdale Cottage Studio

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