Toben Lewis

Baile Mor Books

Independent bookbinding and book restoration: bespoke books, artist books, and book repair.
Most of my working life has been either directly or tangentially related to books in some form, my personal life almost exclusively so. Around six years ago I discovered this talent for and deep love of the physical act of binding books. Blank books for use by others, printed books for reading, restoring bindings on broken and well-loved books, there is something deeply satisfying about turning loose sheafs of paper into a functional and attractive portable unit of knowledge and creativity. Since stumbling into this world of bookbinding I have studied the subject intensely, both the physical craft and history of it, and produced hundreds of books for others to enjoy. Alongside design bindings by commission, book repair, and handbound books for sale, I offer regular Intro to Bookbinding workshops to Iona visitors throughout the season.



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Iona Community Shop, The Mull and Iona Shop

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