Hidden Solar System by David Bellingham

Nine bronze spheres representing the planets of the solar system are buried at a remote site on the Isle of Iona.

Installed over a remote seven acre site, on the Isle of Iona, each planet of the Hidden Solar System is buried at a depth relative to its distance from the sun; Mercury at approximately four inches below ground level and Neptune at nine feet, while Pluto was thrown into Loch Staonaig and rests at an unknown depth. The work consists of a group of small spheres that represent the planets of the solar system. The planets were modelled in clay and cast in bronze, Jupiter being approximately the size of an orange and Pluto the size of a pea however there is nothing to see, just a story to tell about a buried solar system that mimics the one above our heads. Hidden Solar System was produced in an edition of five. The first edition is installed on Iona, the remaining four copies are available for sale on the condition that the buyer agrees to have the work buried at a location of their choosing. Commissioned by Iona Crafts Shop.


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Hidden from view public art.

Hidden Solar System by David Bellingham
Loch Staonaig
PA76 6SP

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NM 26627 22656

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